EuroMIC & Marine Corrosion Symposium

Axel Homborg

At week, the EuroMIC-European MIC was hosted by Endures in Den Helder.. Experts on the topic of Microbiologically influenced corrosion from all over the world coming over to learn about  MIC and of course the necessity of proper surface prep! What a fantastic stay in Den Helder for our COST Association – European Cooperation in Science and […]

Corrosion Alliance is Moving forward

We recently organised a meeting where we got together with people from gas pipeline infrastructure, cathodic protection engineers, people from ministry of defence and many others. During this meeting, these participants were invited to provide feedback on our platform. What particularly stood out. There is a great need to provide people on the shop floor […]

Dare to Prepare

How much courage do you have? Do you have the guts to go beyond the delusion of the day? Dare to see that we can substantially improve surface pre-treatments? So that we can avoid coating problems. This starts with accepting that a large proportion of coating failures are caused by incorrect or insufficient surface pre-treatment. […]

MontiPower celebrates it’s 35th anniversary

We are proud at our company partner MontiPower to have been a leading innovator in the surface preparation industry for so many years. Their equipment is used in a wide variety of applications, from the oil and gas industry to shipbuilding and more. Their history started in 1987 when Werner Montabaur noticed that tools for […]

Corrosion Alliance welcomes two new partners, Mistras and Optimiza

The Corrosion Alliance is thrilled to announce the addition of Mistras and Optimiza as our newest partners. Both companies offer essential corrosion-related services within the industry, including corrosion monitoring, inspection, and predictive modeling. These partnerships expand our network and broaden our range of capabilities, enabling us to better serve our clients and address corrosion challenges […]

What are Professional Development Hours (PDH)?

These are so-called study credit hours that you have to make in addition to your professional work-related hours. This has become a strict requirement in order to maintain your CP, CIP or any other certificate from organisations such as Frosio and AMPP. How many hours are required, differs per organisation and per certificate. As of […]

EUROCORR 28th August – 1st September 2022, Berlin/Germany

EUROCORR is the annual conference from the European federation of corrosion and is hosted this year at Berlin. Due to the pandemic consequences, it wasn’t feasible to bring everyone together for this conference. 2022 however, will promise us a packed programme with many interesting presentations and sessions. Also several other events are planned around the […]

Corrosion Alliance participates in COST Action EURO-MIC

Corrosion Alliance is partner and part of the management committee of the Euro-MIC project. It is a European co-funded project. The project has 122 members from both industry and academia around the world to enhance the knowledge about Microbial Influenced Corrosion and to develop and advance technologies to measure and mitigate this type of corrosion.The project […]

Which type of carbon steels are used for pipelines?

Older pipelines are usually made from steels that fall under the definition of St 35 and St 37. For pipelines, this is not very common anymore. For new pipeline projects, the API ranges are the most relevant standard framework. For example, the API 5LX X70  is one of the more recent types of steel being […]