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Battle against water

Through the history of the Netherlands’, its residents are in a constant battle with the forces of water. A battle where common people have become hero’s with legendary stories such as the one from Hansje Brinker.

 It’s undoubtful that land under sealevel has defined and shaped the life of the Dutch.

Think different, provide better alternatives, bring solutions

Water may seem like a static peaceful element at one point, it can become a brutal and destructive force in the wink of an eye. Dutch companies like Allseas, Heerema, Bluewater, Boskalis, VanOord, Arcadis got famous for this waterfighting work.

Also Stopaq’s founder Frans Nooren developed in his early day watertight sealing systems. Such sealing systems are still protect leaking quay-walls and basements walls against water penetration around conduits and pipes. His ambition was to develop solutions that are friendly to both humans and the environment.

Ultimately, his expertise resulted in the creation of a self-sealing swellable waterstopping compound; Stopaq was born in 1988. A well established brand that has grown into a multimillion business pipeline business fighting corrosion in the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia.

But even when water seems like a peaceful and static element, if you take a microscopic look, it turns out to be full of life and activity by micro-organims.

Especially in our wetlands, gas exploration and gas transportations companies have become painfully aware about the fact that micro-organisms could result into high rates of material loss on pipelines. Stopaq’s PIB-based coating turned out not to be a nutrient for these micro-organisms.

In 1998 the small biotech company Bioclear started to unravel the mystery of Microbial Influenced corrosion with the help of DNA based testing techniques. Very few material specialists could have predicted at that time that DNA based techniques such as qPCR would become an important tool for todays toolbox for monitoring and diagnosing Microbial influenced Corrosion.

Novel technologies are great,

but they will never bring the industry to a higher level without people. Within Corrosion Alliance, part of Corronation BV from Spijk, the Eemshaven Groningen, we belief that the real difference is made at in the field.

"Here is the moment of truth"

At Corrosion Alliance we follow the saying that the proof is in the pudding and the pudding is in eating. This mindset get us to new insights for new solutions. It is at that level that small adjustments can be made to current working statements so that corrosion risks can be mitigated. This platform is about making sure that the asset owner, supervisor, engineering firm, contractor, subcontractor, CP firm, coating company are aligned from an integrated asset integrity approach. Corrosion knowledge, experience and skills come together for the same purpose. This is lifetime protection of the asset owner’s assets. The Corrosion Alliance is an independent collective of leading experts and firms committed to sharing knowledge, experience and new technologies around the theme of corrosion prevention. The idea for this alliance comes from the understanding that there is a lot of knowledge and insights about the ways to counteract corrosion caused by osmosis, microorganisms, hydrogen, surface prep, construction, material choice, cathodic protection and the environmental conditions for installation and when in service.

Frits Doddema- Chair of the board
Herman de Vries — Founder & CEO.


Frits Doddema has a background in marine and industrial coatings for Sigma Marine Holland, Carboline Central Europe, CEO/Owner Stopaq BV , CEO SealforLife Industries, Owner greenhard.world and CEO of MontiPower. During his period selling industrial liquid coatings, he felt that in many cases, that applicators got unfairly blamed for coating failures due to the quality of surface preparation and way of application in certain conditions are being unreasonable.

Herman de Vries joined Bioclear in 2011 and has been a driving force to establish the Microbial Analysis BV focused on offering DNA based tools for diagnosing and monitoring corrosion driven by micro-organisms.

Both inspired were inspired by withstanding the elements of earth. The first for the fact that a PIB-coating is not a nutrient for micro-organism and the latter for the destructive effect to steel in certain soils. They have joined forces to combat corrosion from a broader perspective to develop more knowledge and understanding in order to support applicators, contractors, corrosion engineers, supervisors, purchasers