Meet the experts

Corrosion alliance is a multitude of experts, contributing to the field of corrosion from their own background, knowledge and experiences. A contribution to our platform is a reflection of the personal experiences of an expert. Creating a mix of academic and practical focused information. We offer this in our masterclasses through short instructional video’s. These video’s are typically 15 to 20 minutes per lesson.

Material scientist

Astrid Elzas

Astrid holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and deviated to material science. During her Phd. she studied nano failure in steel. In other words, the onset of steel.
She is currently a material scientist at Nebest and supports many different projects with material issues. She also supports coating and coating related issues and supports to diagnose the identification of Hexavalent chromium.

Thermodynamic expert

Rik Winters

Experienced Senior Project Lead with a demonstrated history of working in the environmental services industry. Strong professional skilled in Dutch, Environmental Awareness, Sustainable Development, Remediation, and Sustainability. Crazy about non-equilibrium thermodynamics, to fully understand microbial population behaviour.

Microbial and corrosion expert

Felipe Leon Morales

Felipe Leon-Morales is an industrial microbiologist from the Javeriana University in Bogota, Colombia. Felipe holds a PhD in natural sciences from the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany. During his period in Germany, Felipe worked on colloidal transport through biofilms and later on extremophile biofilms, including iron and sulfur related microorganisms. The interaction between microbes and surfaces brought him to the area of corrosion, especially microbial, where he is active since several years while working initially for TNO. In 2015 Felipe joined the cathodic protection and antifouling company CORROSION, where he started the formation of a laboratory dedicated to corrosion and antifouling research.

MIC expert

Herman de Vries

Originally Herman was trained as a mechanical engineer with a specialisation in process technology combined with an education in Industrial Engineering and Management. He is the driving force behind many partnerships and alliances. Being Vice chair of NACE Benelux and actively participating in standard committees for both NACE and ASTM. Herman gets his motivation from developing new ideas and translating them into specific projects. His strength is his ability to recognize the talents of his colleagues. Furthermore he is a good sparring partner for end-users and is very good at translating questions into concrete actions. Herman is known for the fact that he always goes the extra mile for you.