Corrosion Alliance is Moving forward

We recently organised a meeting where we got together with people from gas pipeline infrastructure, cathodic protection engineers, people from ministry of defence and many others. During this meeting, these participants were invited to provide feedback on our platform.

What particularly stood out. There is a great need to provide people on the shop floor with the right information. In very infrastructure companies, there are great challenges to find and retain enough staff for the work to maintain infrastructure also for the future.

Especially in north-west Europe, you see the experienced guard gradually retiring and being replaced by a new generation. A generation that no longer stays so long within the doors of one company, but changes employers more often.

How do we provide that group with the right knowledge? That’s where we offer an answer with Corrosion Alliance.

This is appreciated. We see a handful of students starting new master classes every week.

We also used the feedback session to ask people what could be better on Corrosion Alliance. A frequently mentioned item is adding references, so that people attending the master class can also check the references.

We have obviously updated this on our platform. All the direct references we used to compile the masterclass lessons can be found directly below the video. Not all references are open source. And some therefore need to be purchased.

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