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Corrosion Alliance participates in COST Action EURO-MIC

Corrosion Alliance is partner and part of the management committee of the Euro-MIC project. It is a European co-funded project. The project has 122 members from both industry and academia around the world to enhance the knowledge about Microbial Influenced Corrosion and to develop and advance technologies to measure and mitigate this type of corrosion.The project will be conducted in the next 4 years and is coordinated by BAM ( Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung) and is cofinanced by the European COST fund. 

The main reason for the European COST commission to finance the Euro-MIC project is that it is acknowledged that Europe needs to combine their efforts with both experts from different disciplines to develop a more integrated and powerful prevention framework with measures to combat the effects that microbiology can have on critical infrastructure.

This COST Action project will provide the necessary interaction and communication, knowledge sharing, training of personnel and of researchers of different disciplines. This will bring Europe to a leading role in this process, bringing ideas on an equal level with other nations, considering the values which are important for Europe and attitudes (e.g. environmental protection) and representing greater protection for people, property and the environment.

The project has 5 different working groups.

Each work package has working groups that meet for regular meetings. The first plenary meeting is planned end of March 2022 and brings together the management committee and working groups. More information about this meeting can be found at this website:


More information about this project can be found on the COST ACTION web page:

COST stands for European Cooperation in science and technology.  COST is a funding organisation for the creation of research networks, called COST Actions. These networks offer an open space for collaboration among scientists across Europe (and beyond) and thereby give impetus to research advancements and innovation.

Role of Corrosion Alliance in Euro-MIC

Within the involved companies and knowledge institutes, there is a lot of knowledge. Ground breaking research results, interesting insights into microbial behahaviour, new modes of actions. Our aim is to valorize this information and reach out to people in the industry to share this novelties with them and find ways to implement them in such a way, that it will improve the status quo.

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