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This masterclass is providing practical background information on the handling and performance of MontiPower tools on different substrates and applications.

This masterclass will evaluate 5 different assignments with specific surfaces that require to be prepared for coating application. Both Nathan Knight and Cor Prins are the instructors of this masterclass and will guide you through the preparations of these surfaces and the tools and different brushes that can be used for these surfaces and how this will influence the results.

The masterclass will provide insights in:

  • The influence of different coating properties, such as the preparation of polysiloxane coatings
  • Treatment of small pockets and crevices
  • Reaching the bottom of pinholes
  • Different hardness of the substrate
  • Difference between ferous and non-ferous substrates
  • Influencing roughness profiles and cleanliness

The content is available to all members of corrosion alliance (also Free). make sure you are logged in to see the contents of the masterclass.




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