Education for surface preparation, passivation, coating and testing

Tacit knowledge, fingerspitzengefühl, the things you don’t hear in regular classes. We provide a platform to learn about corrosion from working practices. Masterclasses given by experts from the field.

Fast learning curve

Lessons are comprehensive with a high density of information, brought to you with clear visual support

Actionable information

Apply information from masterclasses directly to make better decisions in your daily working practice

Trusted support by experts

Every trainer at Corrosion Alliance has gained his or her experience through industrial projects and responsibilities


Sharing knowledge starts with collaboration. We have a strong foundation with industrial partners, test and inspection firms and universities.

Communication is everything


To combat corrosion, you can not rely on a single source of knowledge. Or to just focus at a single discipline. 

There are many different mechanisms that can result into corrosion. We have a collection of disciplines and variety of experts, who, from their own perspective contribute with their specific knowledge.


Corrosion Alliance is an independent organization, under the CORRONATION corrosion prevention group. We have a training facility located in Spijk, Netherlands in close proximity to the international port of Eemshaven. 

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