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We redefine performance from coatings, cathodic protection and corrosion testing by a multitude of expert views

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We provide you expert masterclasses on Coating, cathodic protection, corrosion mechanisms such as Microbiologically infleunced corrosion and relevant industry topics on ATEX, CO2 impact reduction and Cradle to Cradle

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Together, we redefine performance, to combat the challenges of the future

We are not living in an era with just a single solution.There are more ways to combat corrosion and create assets that last. 

We are not an academic institute, but a collection of practical and experienced experts with  years of field experiences. What binds us is our passion and belief that we can find ways to solve complex corrosion puzzles by sharing knowledge. WIll you join?

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Masterclass detection of Chromium (VI) in paint


Microbiologically influenced corrosion

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We can help you to pick  the right tools to diagnose the current status of your asset and create a cost competitive strategy to mitigate and sustain your assets.

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We have hands-on and academic expertise. We bridge different worlds on Corrosion

Corrosion alliance is a multitude of experts, contributing to the field of corrosion from their own background, knowledge and experiences. A contribution to our platform is a reflection of the personal experiences of an expert. Creating a mix of academic and practical focused information.

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