Masterclass detection of Chromium (VI) in paint


Microbiologically influenced corrosion

What our clients say

Finally not a boring masterclass, but an entertaining and also very informative masterclass. The frequent use of clear examples makes the complex subject matter discussed easy to understand. A great masterclass!
This masterclass really helped me to get an understanding about MIC. Really accessible and fun to follow. I'm looking forward to other topics they will bring.
Excellent! Very explanatory information and easy to follow, even though it is a complicated subject. Excellent lessons.

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What is Corrosion Alliance ?

Corrosion Alliance is a collaboration between companies and knowledge institutes with a focus to share knowledge about corrosion and practical ways to measure, manage and mitigate it. Through this website we offer short masterclasses to enlighten a specific topic. Read more

How does it work?

After purchasing the master class, you are automatically enrolled in the master class. You will then have access to the course environment. You can follow the lessons when it suits you the best.
After completing the master class, you will receive a certificate proving your participation. After completion of the lessons, depending on the lesson and the master class, a test may take place before a certificate is awarded.

For whom are the master classes at Corrosion Alliance?

For anyone who would like to learn more about Corrosion. Whether you work as a contractor, in the execution of works, or as a consultant. In addition to the visible range of master classes, we offer specific e-learning master classes for groups within companies on our group pages. reasonable. The generated Lorem Ipsum is therefore always free from repetition, injected humour, or non-characteristic words etc.

How can I get access to a specific masterclass ?

You can buy your masterclass via the “take this masterclass” button. You create a user account and pay in the webshop. You can pay by most common creditcards, or other online payment solutions. You will receive an invoice by email. Depending on whether company data are entered, these data will be shown on the invoice. For group bookings, please contact us.