35th anniversary montipower

MontiPower celebrates it’s 35th anniversary

We are proud at our company partner MontiPower to have been a leading innovator in the surface preparation industry for so many years.

Their equipment is used in a wide variety of applications, from the oil and gas industry to shipbuilding and more.

Their history started in 1987 when Werner Montabaur noticed that tools for body works on cars were not able to produce satisfying results. Werner was a pure car lover and was inspired and saw the potential to develop a new type of technology. After this discovery, he ideated developing his own technology. Consequently, in 1987 he founded MONTI Werkzeuge GmbH in Bonn. The 43mm brush belt system–dubbed ‘MontiPower’–came to market just twelve months later. They renamed it MontiPower® after our their initial success and keepsake of where they came from. Currently, MontiPower® is part of the broader Monti Group umbrella (history montiPower).

With the recent and explosive growth of the company over the recent years, we are excited to see their upcoming innovations.

Join us in celebrating this milestone by sharing your montipower stories on social media using the hashtag #montipower35.

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