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Make the invisible visible

False or True? What is reality? What are the facts speaking for the best possible direction respecting people, planet, profit (cost). Dialogue is our answer and the core principle of our platform. We are striving for a more sustainable world where there is no disagreement about taking care of people, and the environment. We do not write standards reflecting procedures and certain methods meeting the interest of the industry. This platform is for factseekers who care about the environment and people doing the job preventing critical assets from the effects of corrosion.

We let you hear a different voice on studies, reports, scientific papers, standards, recommended practices (RP’s) and engineering practices. And we have a growing group of practical, experienced experts and teachers that are willing to show the other side of the medal. The things you don’t here in regular classrooms.

Having said this, we are moving Corrosion Alliance into a new phase. In particular, we have invested a lot of time and energy in gathering experts that can help us to mitigate the invisible threats. How do you know that you are cleaning with “clean” water? And how do you measure this? What are triggers for CUI, MIC and how can we lower or completely avoid the burden we are putting on people’s health and the environment

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