Summer course MIC, hosted by the Euro-MIC consortium

This event will take place at: 08/22/2023

The course will take place in Prague, Czech Republic on 22-25 Aug 2023.

This training course is targeted for graduate students, post-docs, young researchers and industrial professionals for postgraduate specialized training and to network with other colleagues.

Teachers: Elsemiek Croese (NL) | Anette Rasmussen (DK) | Rick Eckert (US) | Torben Lund Skovhus (DK) | Scott Wade (AU)

Learning objectives:

  • Understand various corrosion mechanisms – with special emphasis on MIC.
  • Understand and apply the multiple line of evidence (MLOE) approach for diagnosing MIC.
  • Be able to apply the latest Industry Guidelines and Standards on Corrosion Management and MIC of Engineered Systems
  • Be able to apply Corrosion Management principles to assessing, mitigating and monitoring the corrosion threat of MIC
  • Understand, and correctly apply and interpret state of the art MIC diagnostic methods
  • Understand sampling procedures for various sample types obtained in Engineered Systems
  • Be able to plan and execute a failure analysis investigation where MIC is the root cause

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