New membership model

The board of Corrosion Alliance has cleared the way for a new membership model. We have recognized that our target audience is very interested to learn about novel developments within the industry, but it is not that easy to receive financial compensation for (online) masterclasses through your employer. Also, a considerable amount of our members is self employed and is not compensated for training at all. Thereby .We have decided to introduce a new membership model at Corrosion Alliance.

What is the benefit for me?

You will save a lot of money, compared to the previous model that required a subscription for every separate masterclass. With the new model, you have one fixed fee per year that will give you access to all content related to the membership level you have chosen.

Why is Corrosion alliance doing this?

The answer is very simple. Over the past 1,5 year we have received a much higher amount of participants than we originally planned. This provides us the financial backbone to make Corrosion Alliance available for a much larger audience.

What are the different membership models?

We have three different membership levels:

  1. Free membership, that grants you access to free masterclasses
  2. Standard membership, that gives you access to most masterclass content
  3. Professional membership, that gives you access to advanced materials that will give you a more in dept view on particular topics.

Besides these membership models, several partner organizations have their own online learning environment. This content is only available to employees of this particular company.

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