Surface preparation is it needed

Is surface preparation important before coating application?

Yes, Surface preparation of the steel before external coating application is the foundation of any corrosion control program. Any compromise made in the degree of surface preparation will affect coating performance regardless of how high the technical quality of the coating is.

Rule of thumb

An important rule to remember is when selection both the degree and method of surface preparation is that the service and life expectancy of a given coating or coating system is directly proportional to the degree of surface preparation done prior to that coatings application.

Degree of surface preparation

There are many degrees and methods of surface preparation ranging from simple dusting or blowing away loose dirt to the complete removal of all contaminants. These methods include the use of steam cleaning, chemical cleaning, hand tools, power tools and abrasive blast cleaning.

Definition of surface preparation

“surface preparation is defined as the cleaning or treating of the metal surface to ensure the best possible bond between the surface to be coated and the coating to be applied.

Read more about the objectives of surface preparation or common standards on surface preparation.

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