Is surface preparation important before coating application?

Yes, Surface preparation of the steel before external coating application is the foundation of any corrosion control program. Any compromise made in the degree of surface preparation will affect coating performance regardless of how high the technical quality of the coating is. Rule of thumb An important rule to remember is when selection both the […]

What are Common definitions for surface preparation?

solvent Cleaning SSPC-SP1 : Solvents such as water, mineral spirits, xylol, toluol etc., are used to remove solvent-soluble foreign matter from the surface of ferrous metals. Rags and solvents must be replenished frequently to avoid spreading the contaminant rather than removing it. Low-pressure (1500 – 4000 psi) high volume (3 – 5 gal/min.) water washing […]

What are the 3 objectives of surface preparation

1. Remove contaminants The first objective of surface preparation is to remove surface contaminants that will affect the performance of a coating. These contaminants can include: Oil and Grease – Prevent good coating adhesion and must be completely removed.Salts – Increase moisture penetration through the coating and accelerates the rate of corrosion.Dust and Dirt – […]