Corrosion Alliance is Moving forward

We recently organised a meeting where we got together with people from gas pipeline infrastructure, cathodic protection engineers, people from ministry of defence and many others. During this meeting, these participants were invited to provide feedback on our platform. What particularly stood out. There is a great need to provide people on the shop floor […]

Summer course MIC, hosted by the Euro-MIC consortium

This event will take place at: 08/22/2023 The course will take place in Prague, Czech Republic on 22-25 Aug 2023. This training course is targeted for graduate students, post-docs, young researchers and industrial professionals for postgraduate specialized training and to network with other colleagues. Teachers: Elsemiek Croese (NL) | Anette Rasmussen (DK) | Rick Eckert […]

Dare to Prepare

How much courage do you have? Do you have the guts to go beyond the delusion of the day? Dare to see that we can substantially improve surface pre-treatments? So that we can avoid coating problems. This starts with accepting that a large proportion of coating failures are caused by incorrect or insufficient surface pre-treatment. […]