MIC E-learning Academy

E-learning community

We have  a MIC E-leaning online community available at Corrosion Alliance. It’s not a single expert that has all expertise. We offer respected and practical experts. You follow online masterclasses and lessons. It serves training purposes for students interested in the topic of MIC.

Academy with daily practices in mind

Within Corrosion Alliance we offer a masterclass with a variety of different lessons. To understand the  mechanisms that lead to MIC, one needs to involve many different disciplines. Ranging from materials science, microbiology, electrochemistry, chemical engineering, asset design and operation, chemical treatment.

Degradation of assets

Our understanding of MIC has grown and it is confirmed that MIC can cause degradation of many different assets in different types of industries. No limiting but including energy, oil and gas, drinking and waste water, cooling water, maritime infrastructure and shipping.

Self directed self learning

Our masterclasses work according to the principles of self directed learning. Online courses can be taken as desired by students at their own pace. Courses include email access to instructors for questions and the ability to participate in our MIC e-learning community. Future group online discussion forums are planned. New masterclasses are continue to be developed and added to provide the most current information in the field. 

What is MIC

The abreviation MIC stands for Microbial Influenced Corrosion. The degradation mechanism that is influenced or caused by Micro-organisms. Want to read more about this? Read more…

Other references

There are many good scientific articles and books about Microbial influenced corrosion. Popular authors are for instance Dr. Rick Eckert, Dr. Torben Skovhus Lund, Dr. Dennis Enning We have dedicated a specific item on this, that you can find here: Read more

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