EuroMIC & Marine Corrosion Symposium

Axel Homborg

At week, the EuroMIC-European MIC was hosted by Endures in Den Helder.. Experts on the topic of Microbiologically influenced corrosion from all over the world coming over to learn about  MIC and of course the necessity of proper surface prep! What a fantastic stay in Den Helder for our COST Association – European Cooperation in Science and […]

MIC Summer School will be held between August 26-30 (Monday-Friday), 2024 in Budapest

The summer course is designed to offer a captivating exploration into the fascinating world of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC). Delve into understanding how MIC evolves and the critical evidence required to establish its microbial influence on corrosion processes. Moreover, gain invaluable insights and practical guidance on seamlessly integrating diverse data streams—ranging from microbial analyses to […]