Corrosion Alliance supports HyLife (Cetp project)

Discover the Hidden World Beneath: Unleashing Microbial Magic in Hydrogen Underground Storage. Step into the underground world of hydrogen storage, a beacon of hope for our future green society. But, have you ever considered the secret inhabitants of these storage sites? It turns out, many of them thrive on hydrogen, and they’ve been living in […]

Corrosion by Sulpher oxidizing bacteria

Sulphur oxidisers are capable of oxidising elemental sulphur or sulphur-bearing compounds to sulphuric acid. They thrive best in environments at low pH and can produce localised sulphuric acid concentrations up to 5 wt%. In other words, these organisms have the capacity to create very extreme corrosive conditions. But you should create a wider view on […]

MIC E-learning Academy

E-learning community We have  a MIC E-leaning online community available at Corrosion Alliance. It’s not a single expert that has all expertise. We offer respected and practical experts. You follow online masterclasses and lessons. It serves training purposes for students interested in the topic of MIC. Academy with daily practices in mind Within Corrosion Alliance […]

RMF and MIC failure analysis course

The Energy Institute will host a MIC – Corrosion Management and Failure Analysis course from November 8-9 lead by Torben Lund Skovhus and Rick Eckert. It will be a two day course that will bring you insights around Microbial Influenced Corrosion. Learning Objectives for this course are:     You should be able to apply Corrosion […]


Have you seen the MontiPower education corner? A new comprehensive collection of education materials. At Corrosion Alliance we have created a dedicated corner for technical information and education materials that are direct or in-direct related to surface preparation. It will give us the opportunity to share dedicated information with you being a distributor, a client, […]