Energy institute Microbial influenced corrosion management & failure analysis training course

RMF and MIC failure analysis course

The Energy Institute will host a MIC – Corrosion Management and Failure Analysis course from November 8-9 lead by Torben Lund Skovhus and Rick Eckert. It will be a two day course that will bring you insights around Microbial Influenced Corrosion.

Learning Objectives for this course are:

  1.     You should be able to apply Corrosion Management principles in order to assess, mitigate and monitor the threat of MIC.
  2.     You should be able to understand, apply and MIC diagnostic methods and you should also be able to make basic steps for the interpretation of data.
  3.     You should be able to understand the requirement for consistent sampling procedures for various sample types obtained from industrial process systems. 
  4.     Be able to plan and execute a failure analysis investigation where MIC is the root cause.

The course will run just before the Reservoir Microbiology Forum (RMF) at 10 and 11 november.

Day 1

  • What is MIC and where is it a problem in the industry? Corrosion management principles and how it links to MIC
  • Basics on industrial microbiology and predominant MIC mechanisms
  • Introduction to molecular microbiological methods (MMM) in diagnosing and managing MIC
  • Latest industry standards on Corrosion Management and MIC
  • Work on case studies/assignments/presentations

Day 2

  • Overview of MIC mitigation methods
  • Biocide testing – do’s and don’ts
  • MIC monitoring methods – corrosion and microbiological approach Case studies demonstrating MIC diagnostic tools
  • Demonstration of sampling kits and equipment for microbiology sampling
  • Failure analysis principles and links to MIC
  • Latest developments in MIC modelling – overview,
  • mechanistic, RBI and Bayesian Network
  • Wrap-up of course, with quiz and course evaluation

The costs for this course:

1000 pounds for non members of the Energy Institute and 900 pounds for members.

RMF-Reservoir microbiology forum

RMF is an yearly event organized by the Energy Institute in London.

The RMF is an event that has been running for more than 25 years and is entirely focused on the microbiological problems that arise in the extraction of oil and gas. Part of the event is about the microbiological problems related to wells. This is often about one third of all presentations. One third focuses on other problems, including MIC. The final third focuses on MMM. the molecular methods used to map microbiology

Want to know more on the MIC – Corrosion Management and Failure Analysis course from November 8-9?
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More information on the RMF- Reservoir microbiology forum can be found here (external link)

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