Microbial Influenced Corrosion

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What is Sulphur?

Sulphur is one of the most common elements on Earth. It can be found near volcanoes in its pure form as a yellow solid, but

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Euro-MIC COST conference

During the last week of August, the Euro-MIC COST conference took place. A one day seminar that updated more than 100 interested people about scientific

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Corrosion, or rust (in common language) is always a consequence of electron transfer. Whereby elementary iron is converted into iron 2+ and/or iron 3+, bound

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The technical standard NACE TM0194 is among the oldest technical standards in the industry, with the aim to guide you through the process of biological

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Masterclasses that make a difference

Why hasn’t anybody else told me these things before? It would have really helped me to save costs, but more important, it would safed me from the frustration to go through a learning cycle that many others have been through.

Learning at high speed

Your time is scarce. But where do you find independent information that is up to date?