Corrosion alliance soil resistivity

What is the resistivity of soil?

The soil resistance (soil resistivity) is expressed in or Ohm.m. In general, a rough indication of the corrosiveness of the soil compared to the soil resistivity is given

Soil resistivity (
< 2000Peatlands, forest groundsHighly corrosive
2.000-5.000loam soilCorrosive -highly corrosive
5.000-10.000Silt sandModerate corrosive
> 10.000Dry sandvery low corrosion rate

Corrosive soils where oxygen and water are present can lead to external corrosion at damaged areas of the coating. Acidic soils, for example in peatlands and forest areas, and polluted soils where aggressive chemicals can be present are also examples of problematic soil types.
The conductivity of the soil influences the possibility for corrosion to occur and the likelyhood for microbial processes to occur.
The lower the electrical resistance, the higher is the corrosiveness of the soil.

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