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Where can I find knowledge about MIC?

A lot of the applied knowledge about Microbial Influenced Corrosion (MIC) can be found within corrosion and corrosion prevention associations such as AMPP (former NACE and SSPC), EFC and ASTM. These are industry-oriented associations with many technical standards. 

Besides these technical standards, there is also a network of volunteers active within these associations who meet with some frequency to share knowledge during one of the many symposia and seminars. This is not only aimed at making technical standards, but also at sharing new insights and research results. Both AMPP and EFC are organizing an annual international conference, in which MIC is recurring part of the programme.


In addition to these associations, there are several recurring events where MIC or other related topics are on the agenda. One of these events is ISMOS, a two-yearly symposium in which several industrial themes surrounding microbiology are on the agenda. Especially applied scientific developments are shared at this meeting. ISMOS will be held virtually from 8-10 June 2021. More information can be found here.


RMF stands for Reservoir Microbiology Forum and is organised by Energy Institute. This is an annual meeting held in London. In 2020, the RMF celebrated its 25th anniversary, with several speakers from the pioneering phase of the collective of experts, sharing their stories. Traditionally, this meeting focuses on microbiological problems around an oil or gas reservoir. Microbial influenced corrosion, as well as souring and MMM methods are standard parts of the programme. You can find more information about RMF about here.

The knowledge surrounding MIC is very specific and the world of microbiology is not easy to comprehend. For engineers who do not deal with microbiology on a daily basis, the knowledge sources are not always easily accessible.  Within the platform of the Corrosion Alliance, you will find various articles to guide you through this topic.

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