Which type of carbon steels are used for pipelines?

Older pipelines are usually made from steels that fall under the definition of St 35 and St 37. For pipelines, this is not very common anymore. For new pipeline projects, the API ranges are the most relevant standard framework. For example, the API 5LX X70  is one of the more recent types of steel being […]

What is the required potential for cathodic protection?

How many anodes should I place? At what voltage should I set the ICCP system? It all comes down to the question of what potential is necessary to protect the object. This, of course, depends on the type of material. Alloy steels require a different protection potential than pure iron. The pourbaix diagram is an […]

What is cathodic protection?

The principle of Cathodic Protection (CP) is to lower the corrosion potential of a metal object. This can be done with a protective current or by using sacrificial anodes. In both cases, the metal to be protected is made cathodic and thus impervious to corrosion. Corrosion is a chemical reaction where the metal reacts and […]