How do norms and standards for surface preparation relate to each other?

Many of the standards on surface preparation, coating and cathodic protection are also recognised and integrated or harmonized to: American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Swedish Standards Institute (SIS) Danish Standards Association Standards Association of Australia We are still in a situation that there are seperate SSPC and NACE standards. […]

5 Different methods for surface preparation

Some of the most commonly used methods are: Hand tools Power tools Abrasive blasting Centrifugal Wheel Blasting Water Blasting  To achieve the different surface preparation qualities, numerous methods may be employed 1 Hand tools Hand tools Preparing surfaces using hand tools is one of the oldest methods known. It is generally used when power tools […]

Which abrasives do I need to use for blasting?

The most common parameters to be considered when choosing an abrasive are: Shape – angular or round Hardness – hard or soft Density – heavy or light Size – large or small Type of surface – new, light or heavy rust, coated, steel, aluminum, etc. Profile required – light or heavy Coating system to be […]