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In this Masterclass, we assume that you have basic knowlegde which tools and resources are used to unravel MIC. The focus is on mitigating and actually managing MIC. You are familiar with techniques such as XRF and qPCR. You have seen reports on these techniques.

In this masterclass, we will focus to bring you knowlegde that is required to get a deeper understanding about the mechanism of MIC and how it affects systems and assets. This course contains three lessons that will address specific areas of the topic of MIC. Instrumental to a better understanding of MIC in the assets that you are working on.

This masterclass enables you to make better management decisions.In addition, we go deeper into measurements with XRF and qPCR and give you insights that can help you assess the value of the laboratories you hire.
We go deeper into the qPCR in particular to teach you the tricks of the trade. Where do things go wrong in practice?

There are almost no ISO17025 certified labs that perform MIC-related measurements. So how can you recognise whether a laboratory is competent?

Topics that will be specifically addressed are:

  • Analysis of corrosion products through elemental analysis techniques (XRF)
  • Thermodynamic behaviour of microbial populations
  • What determines the qPCR quality?
  • Which questions can you ask an external laboratory, while respecting their intellectual property rights

This is masterclass is a follow-up on the ‘[MIC] Essentials of management and mitigations‘ masterclass.




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