[HyLife] Sampling procedures

This masterclass summarizes and explains the standard operating procedures (SOP)for all the molecular genetic methods used in Hylife project. As we pave the way towards a green future, hydrogen underground storage emerges as a promising solution for storing large quantities of hydrogen. This technology could revolutionize our energy systems, but there’s a fascinating and often […]

Recent developments on surface prep standards

At Dare to prepare in Geluwe, Nathan Knight gave an overview of recent developments in industry standards linked to surface preparation before a coating system is applied. This lecture is a video recording of the speech he provided. The content of his lecture is focused at standards for surface preparation. There are two relevant organisations […]

Microbiologically influenced corrosion

This masterclass will take 8 weeks to follow, with 1 lesson per week for 8 weeks. In this masterclass, the basic elements of Microbiologically influenced corrosion is being explained. This masterclass dives into the definitions and the underlying biological mechanisms. We will also show you practical examples that can help you to recognise MIC in […]

Performance of Bristle Blasting

This masterclass is providing practical background information on the handling and performance of MontiPower tools on different substrates and applications. This masterclass will evaluate 5 different assignments with specific surfaces that require to be prepared for coating application. Both Nathan Knight and Cor Prins are the instructors of this masterclass and will guide you through […]

MMM Field applications

This Masterclass is shining a light on the different technical possibilities for field surveys of microbiological numbers.

Masterclass Bristle Blasting

Within the industry, Bristle Blasting has become the alternative to classical abrasive blasting. The technology has proven to be a much more sustainable and operator friendly technology. The technology is capable to reach equal results compared to this classical abrasive blasting in terms of cleanliness and surface roughness. As a consequence, many standards from SSPC/AMPP […]

Masterclass detection of Chromium (VI) in paint

This is a short masterclass on the detection of hexavalent chromium in paint. On many existing paint and coating systems on industrial assets, Chromium (VI) has been added  to givethe paint superior anti-corrosion properties. As long as these existing paint layers are untouched, it will not give any health issues if you are in contact […]

[MIC] An introduction into the topic

Masterclass description This masterclass provides a first and quick introduction into the world of Microbiologically influenced corrosion. A mechanism that can result in unexpected high corrosion rates. This corrosion mechanism is relevant for oil & gas related facilities. But the results of this mechanism encompass the oil and gas infrastructure. Also sustainable energy production facilities […]